Pretty Smart Robotics

Pretty Smart Robotics is an All-Girls FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC) team from Noordhorn, Groningen. We are a community team that is part of the Science & Robotics Club Pretty Smart. We welcome all enthousiastic girls age 13-18 to join us in our discoveries in science and technology!


FIRST Tech Challenge

The FIRST Tech Challenge is part of the FIRST Program to stimulate science and technology for kids. In FTC we build part autonomous, part remote controlled robots that can perform yearly changing missions.

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Building / practice

We usually work on our robot on wednesdays. You can find us in our workshop from 18:30 until 20:30. Sometimes we start a bit earlier, often we finish later šŸ˜‰ . During these sessions we plan, design and build our robot and some of us mentor younger kids in other FIRST programs like FIRST LEGO League.

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Workshop location

Our clubhouse or workshop is in the building of the Gebiedscoƶperatie Westerkwartier at the Industrieweg 5 in Noordhorn, just behind the local gas station. You are very welcome to come over and visit us on practice days. There is almost always somebody “home” on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.

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